DIY Eco-friendly Confetti

For a while now I have seen pictures of “DIY Ecofriendly Confetti”. In celebration of Earth Day, I thought it would be perfect to put that biodegradable confetti to the test and see how practical and beneficial it really is.

I tried a few different versions of the biodegradable confetti, with greenery that I thought would stand up pretty well against the popular “hole-punch leaves” method. Let me tell you, I wasn’t expecting the project to result the way it did.

Now without further ado, here were my findings:

Gathering the Greens

After taking a large basket out of my closet, it only took me about 5 or so minutes to gather what I was looking for. What was I looking for? Well, I’m glad you asked! I was specifically looking for stiff leaves that had a little bit of weight to them and other tree-leafy things (like evergreen needles) that may easily be broken apart and throw nicely.

Quite tip: pick something that will have a nice spread when you throw it. You do not want it too light, because it will most likely clump together.

I chose rhododendron leaves, douglas fir needles, fern leaves, and a couple small cedar branches.

Let’s set those aside for a moment and work on the next portion of my project.

Making the Confetti Cones

This was fairly easy to make and pretty fun. I took an old Shakespeare book from my bookshelf that I had never read and will absolutely never read. Don’t you worry- I chose one of the less popular comedies. No tragedies here!

If you don’t want to sacrifice one of your books, I suggest going to a thrift shop and picking one up. Just make sure that the page numbers exceed that of your guest count.

After ripping the pages out, I cut them into squares. I rolled the cones into the desired thickness and taped the outside with clear tape. You could also use a glue if you wanted, but I found the tape to be easier and not very noticeable. Be sure to use clear tape, if you do this, and not the standard white scotch tape.

The cones are done! Pretty easy right?! Now back to our greenery!

Making the Confetti

Pulling apart the Cedar branches

I may have cheated a bit with this part. Instead of pulling apart small chunks of the branches for the confetti, I used some scissors and clipped away. This was a lot faster than pulling each bit apart and ensured it was separated where I wanted it to.

When I was happy with the pile of cedar confetti I had made, I filled up some of the cones, and set them aside.

Pulling off the Douglas Fir Needles

This was by far the easiest part. I just quickly pulled off the individual needles from the branch and separated them into the cones.

Be sure that bits of the branch aren’t pulled off with the needles and that all the needles are separated.

Cutting the Fern leaves

I originally thought that the fern leaves would look really cute. Ferns are one of my favorites and was hoping they would turn out.

After I cut them into smaller pieces and separated them into the cones, I was a tad disappointed. They looked more like octopus tentacles than pieces of a fern. That was a pretty big fail.

Punching the Rhododendron Leaves

Let me first begin with- THIS IS A HUGE HASSLE! I collected a total of about 18 medium-size leaves to punch. After punching holes for a straight 41 minutes, I had enough confetti for only one cone! My arms were sore, and I would have not been able to punch a minute longer. I could not imagine doing this for a guest count of 150- or even 10 for that matter! It was pretty rough.

My Final Thoughts

While the popular hole-punch method was quite the fail, I was very impressed with the douglas fir needles. They threw well and were very quick to separate. They may not have thrown quite as smooth as the round hole punches, but the needles threw pretty well. I will definitely be using the douglas fir confetti in an upcoming event.

After trying rhododendron leaves, Douglas fir needles, fern leaves, and a couple small cedar branches to make biodegradable confetti, there was a clear winner. Douglas fir needles, although a bit prickly, threw very nicely and looked absolutely adorable. I loved this little project and will be using this idea in the future.

Happy Earth Day!

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